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Python is very simple, easy to learn, yet very powerful programming language. In the recent years it has gained popularity in several domains including web, scientific and engineering applications.

This is an introductory course on Python programming. The course aims at building the foundation for learning other programming languages and technologies in the subsequent semesters.

The course covers basics of python and its important libraries. On completion of this course the students will be able to solve typical programming problems in Pythonic style.

This course will enable the students to implement the algorithms that are covered in the course Logic development.

The course, Database Management Systems, provides an introduction to the management of database systems. The course emphasizes the understanding of the fundamentals of relational systems including data models, database architectures, and database manipulations. The course also provides an understanding of new developments and trends such as Internet database environment and data warehousing. The course uses a problem-based approach to learning.

Harshad's Play ground

This course is used for demonstration, practice and testing for various features of Moodle. Please feel free to experiment with the features provided here.

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